Crafting Wines of Character and Distinction

Here are other websites, directories, articles and such you may find interesting.

Highland Valley Vineyards listing on Yelp.

Highland Valley Vineyards listing on Google Plus.

Highland Valley Vineyards on Facebook.

Highland Valley Vineyards on Instagram.

Highland Valley Vineyards on the San Diego County Vintners Association website.

The Highland Valley Wine Country map.

Wineries of San Diego County, a detailed and complete listing of San Diego wineries.

Visit Escondido, a listing of wineries and breweries in the area.

Article on the Highland Valley Wine Trail.

San Diego County Wine Country, website of the San Diego County Vintners Association.

Ramona Valley Wine Region on-line magazine.

Map and listing covering both the Highland Valley and Ramona Valley wineries (see p.6-7).

San Diego County Farm Bureau listing of member wineries.

Another article on wineries in Highland Valley.

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